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Julie, for Owen

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


It all felt so surreal, I felt numb and as

though no one could understand my pain.

I would tell Owen how much I miss him,

the world is different with out him but I

feel him here with me. I'm living on with

your legacy and the imprint you left on this world.

Be kind to yourself, spend time with people that understand

the process. You will be frustrated by those that

expect you to "bounce back". I can guarantee those

people haven't suffered a loss of this magnitude.

it's not their fault, they're just fortunate enough to not

know the depth of this pain.....yet.

You will be left standing not able to see or speak to your loved one,

while others move on with their daily lives.

Take the time you need, forget the people that don't understand.

The right people do.

It has made me stronger, it has brought "don't sweat the small stuff"

to another level in my life.

Celebrate the good humans in your life.

Allow yourself the dark moments but try your best to

find something to be grateful with in those moments too

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