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As my close friends say, I have had an extraordinary amount of loss in my life.

People that were incredibly close to me and I dedicate this book to them.

I found grief indescribable and grasped at any outlet

to help me understand what and how to feel.

I felt most comfortable with people that actually understood

the depth of my pain, shock and emptiness.


Which is what has brought me here today.


I have spent so many years trying to help causes

and burying myself in giving back because it was my way of coping.

Now I choose to help those that are starting the journey I have been on many times.

The journey of grief.


Yes, grief is different for all of us but you will see there are

common threads and that bind us in this inevitable "club" we all have to join.

A club that that no one wants to be a part of and nothing can prepare you for.

Many have said to me "I can't find the words" to say to you;

and now I've created a book to gift the grieving, Finding the Words from those that have already had to navigate through this process.

Stories of our experiences, ways to process, advice, raw honesty and

my ultimate goal is to help others feel less alone.

Be Kind to yourself.

Julie Joy

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